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Video Avec le temps


Shooting of the music video Avec le temps at the Café-Théâtre Barnabé in Lausanne/Servion. Great and intensive working day with Daniel Wyss, Nicolas Veuthey Matthieu Dromelet, Etienne Gaches et Marco Hollinger.

The work begins at 9am. Matthieu, Etienne and Marco are working hard on the lights under the instructions of Nicolas and Daniel. On my side, I play the cheap reporter with my Iphone, and warm my voice up in the dressing room. Easy time!

2pm we begin to shoot the video. My head is spinning. I'm on a turning plateform mostly in the dark. I've never had any sense of orientation. My brain gives up the idea of targeting the camera. I decide to let myself go with the spinning movement. I feel dizzy. 

9pm we clear the theatre and go for a pizza well deserved.

Thanks to the great team :-)